“ALFEBOR also provides Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks in paralle with developing and manufacturing GRP products.

All ALFEBOR water tanks consist of a tank shell, endcaps and different connectors and accessories. The basic raw materials used in manufacturing the tank are fiberglass, resin and filler. Usually unsaturated polyester resins are used since they give good performance for potable water applications.

The main body is manufactured using the continuous advancing mandrel process. This process allows the use of continuous glass fiber reinforcements in the circumferential direction. For a pressure product or buried conduit, the principle stress is in the circumferential direction. Incorporating continuous reinforcements in this direction therefore yields a higher performing product at a lower cost. A very compressed laminate is created that maximizes the contribution from the three basic raw materials. Both continuous glass fiber rovings and choppable roving are incorporated for high hoop strength and axial reinforcement. A sand fortifier placed near the neutral axis in the core is used to provide increased stiffness by adding extra thickness.

The tank shell will be equipped with all requested connectors and accessories before the end caps will be added to the main body by using the lamination method.

To test the proper manufacturing and tightness, an air pressure- and vacuum text is carried out at the factory for each tank before dispatch.

Individual diameters available on request. Please contact us”.

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