ALFEBOR GRP Pipes provide the following advanteges;

  • Complete assurance that the material will not pollute the conveyed water(non toxic pipes)
  • Negligible roughness of surface even at long term and, therefore, assurance that maximum performance will be maintained after a long period of time
  • Inertness to aggressive agents of the ground and complete freedom from attacks by mildew and micro organisms
  • Inertness throughout the whole thickness of the pipe, which certainly means that any damage to the pipe causing a local breakdown will not lead to any propagation of the corrosive effect
  • Very little againg which has already been taken into account in the safety factors during the design.
  • No need for secondary coatings which would require periodical inspection and maintenance.
  • No need for passive protection
  • Structural continuity of the pipeline owing to the homogeneity of the joints.
  • Easy to transport, handle and lay.
  • Smooth interior surface reducing friction and minimizing the operating pumping cost of pressure lines.
  • Easy flexible joining system reducing installation time and cost, avoiding infiltrration/ ex-filtration of ground water and allowing small changes in the pipe line without the need of expensive fittings.
  • Sleeve couplings combined with gaskets provide 100% tightness.
  • The elastic characteristic of GRP Pipes enables the accommodation to earth movements. For this reason GRP pipes are preferred in seismic zones. Elasticity also reduces the quantities of bends used in the Project.


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