ALFEBOR GRP Pipes are produced by filament winding on fully automatic machinery. The pipe wall is made on base of glass fiber reinforced polyester and filling materials.The iner and outer layer of the pipe wall contain a high concentration of polyester reinforced with fiber, which gives outstanding resistance to chemicals.

The mid layer of the pipe is sprecially strong providing longidutinal and peripheral strength to with stand working pressure and providing the required stiffnes.


The main machine used in the production is composed of a continuous steel band carried by beams that form a cylindrical mandreal.

As the mandreal moves under the control of programmable logic control system and computer, filling material, sand, glass, fiber, resin and surface materials are measured and applied in exact quantities. Process parameters and pipe thickness are continuously monitored and recorded and reports are issued.

The cutting unit that is in harmony with the pipe which has axial and radial movement, ensures the clean cut of the glass reinforced pipe.

Upon enetering the pipe length into the control system, cutting operation is realized automatically. Pipes can be cut at any length from 0.3 m up to 15 m. The pipes cut are received by the lifting tables that are specially designed, and afterwards, they pass to the calibration unit, then to the hydotesting unit.

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