The standarts developed by ASTM, AWWA and ISO; cover a series of glass reinforced pipe applications that also include water, domestic waste water and chemical agent trasport. The common point of all those standarts, is that they are all performance-based. In other words the performance tests required for GRP Pipes are determined in those standarts.


Today there are different ASTM Product Standarts that are used for various glass reinforced pipe applications.
ALFEBOR Pipes are designed in a way to meet all these ASTM Standarts
ASTM D 3262 Non-Pressure Wastewater Pipe
ASTM D 3517 Pressure Pipe for Fresh Water
ASTM D 3754 Pressure Wastewater Pipe


AWWA C950 is one of the valid, most extensive product standarts concerning glass fiber reinforced pipes. In this standart, there are extensive requirement articles focusing on the quality control and prototype compotency tests for the pipes and couplings to be used in the pressure water line applications.
ALFEBOR GRP Pipes are designed in a way to meet the performance requirements of this standart.
AWWA C950 Glass Fiber Pressure Pipes, for Fresh Water
AWWA M45 Glass fiber Pipe Design Guide


This product Standard is valid for GRP pipes of 50 mm to 4000 mm that are used in water and wastewater applications.It includes the competency tests for pipe and sleeves and all the product tests. Alfebor GRP Pipes meets the requiremnts of this standart.
ISO/DIS 0467.3 Wastewater And Drainage
ISO/DIS 0639.3 Clean Water for pressure or non pressure pipes


The other standardization organizations such as BS and DIN also had published performance specifications for GRP pipes. Alfebor meets the performance requirements of these standarts to the extend that they do not conflict with AWWA C950.
DIN 16869 Glass fiber reinforced polyester resin pipes and fittings
BS5480 Pipe and coupling elements for the water and wastewater applications.

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